Prosperity is a roleplaying game based loosely on Roger Zelazny's Amber novels. It includes concepts from the novels and the Amber DRPG, but the children of Oberon and many of the powers and secrets of the universe are different in ways we are discovering through play.

In the game, Amber has spent much of its history at war, so it is noteworthy that it has entered a period of peace, and in recognition of this, Oberon has declared the Prosperity Court in celebration. His children have been called back from across shadow to celebrate.

The game is being played with a homebrew system taking influences from the Amber DRPG, Fate and Blades in the Dark. This site was created because trumps have always been one of the very fun parts of any Amber game, and we really just wanted to pull them all into one place.



  • Morgan (GM and Designer)
  • Beth (Cethlenn)
  • Deborah (Liabelle)
  • Rob (Borel)


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Rob built this site as something of a learning project, so it's definitely a bit janky in places. For the moment, it's a static site (in order to simplify hosting) and things like the mobile experience are lacking, but it's slowly getting improved. Source is viewable on github and is hosted on netlify.